Issue 20 Fiction Lineup at

Following is the fiction lineup of stories for Issue 20 at, edited by Scott T. Barnes. It is a great mix. Please enjoy.

  • Separation Anxiety by J.C. Conway
    Judge Bell pushed the stack of files to the end of his mahogany desk, buzzed for his clerk and slipped into his black robe. He glanced down throug half-open horizontal blinds in his window. The noisy crowd below changed, “Stop Playing God!” and waved signs displaying slogans like “Quantum State? Police State!”
  • Godblocker by Terry Edge
    Stephen knew she kept the aircar low for his sake. Heights made his nerves scream, reminded him for some reason that for good or bad he was free of what he once had been. Even his real name…
  • Strong Enough to Shatter by J.T. Glover
    Cyrille stepped away from the bench, grateful for the breeze that carried the rank odors of bitumen and tar off into the night. The cries of dying golems still came from every corner of the field hospital…
  • Triple Blind by Nick Tramdack
    On deck it was far below freezing. Propellers thrummed, struts creaked. A black wind flayed the skin between Bart Pillar’s goggles and his mask. One last time, he checked the straps that secured his chute and longsword to his back…
  • Moon Magic Eclipse by Daniel Ausema
    The visible moon moved slowly in front of its invisible sister, blocking the dark moon’s magic. Taq felt its power draining from him…
  • Strings by Jason Sturner
    A young man in shabby clothing drops off the edge of a dark, windswept cliff. Flashbacks tear through his mind …

    The issue also includes a fact article, poetry and art. In its first four years, has published over 100 new and confirmed writers, poets, academics and artists (the ‘creators’) who share a love of speculative fiction. Going forward, NewMyths’ goal is to build bridges between the creators and the readers to forge the future of speculative fiction together.
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