Write Your Novel in November

If you are not a person that wants to write a book, read no further. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is November. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, the goal is for as many people as possible to complete a 50,000-word-or-more novel in 30 days—first draft, of course. It is not critiqued or judged. The page-progress reporting is under the honor system. It’s fun.

You can write a novel. The NaNoWriMo pace (over 1,600 average words per day) is enough to help put your internal editor away and set your mind free, which, for many, is a good way to knock off a first draft. The site allows you to join groups, select writing buddies, participate in forums and get involved in a very big and exciting event.

Do expect to revise after the first draft, and do expect to spend more than a month on that. The word-counting begins November 1. It’s okay if you don’t reach 50,000. It’s worth the effort. Many of us have busy jobs and busy lives, but give it a shot anyway. You can find out more at the National Novel Writing Month site: http://www.nanowrimo.org.




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8 Responses to Write Your Novel in November

  1. Aleena says:

    I think I might give this a shot this year.

  2. beatbox32 says:

    I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. Right now, I’m drumming up story ideas and hope to have an outline put together before big Day 1 arrives!

    • J. C. Conway says:

      That is great. Planning for it is fun, and maybe more productive. Although I must admit to preparing an outline one year and then setting it aside on November 1 in favor of an idea that just “popped up” as I stared at my first blank page.

  3. I knew nothing about this and am now fairly excited about it. The constant work might actually provide some entheos. Anyone know if a book or essay done during this challenge was ever published?

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