The J. C. Conway Interview at The Thiessen Review

My interview appeared today in The Thiessen Review, edited by Katie Griffiths. The site is dedicated to books, including reviews, interviews, reading challenges and other features. Its name is an allusion to ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern–Herr Thiessen is one of the Circus’ voyeurs, a man whose love of the circus leads him to research and write about the experience of a night at the magical circus. In the interview, we discuss my current projects as well as my thoughts about writing, genres, themes and craft.

About author interviews: “The blogsphere is literally exploding with talented writers and poets, very few of whom get the attention they deserve. INTERVIEWS will introduce you to a new generation of writers and thinkers.”

It was an honor to participate in an interview for The Thiessen Review. Katie Griffiths has a real passion for writing and does a wonderful and professional job. I hope you enjoy my interview there as well as the other insightful interviews and interesting features of the site.

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