“Silence of the Imbeciles” Available Now at ResAliens

Some wands are better left unused

My short story, “Silence of the Imbeciles,” described by at least one editor as “well written, understated and poignant,” is now published in the October/November issue of Residential Aliens. It is the first story in the 5-story issue. The story concerns a young teen boy struggling to use properly his fantastical talent of making and using wands. Things have not gone well, and he finds his own way to deal with the not-so-uncommon realization that he is surrounded in his life by complete and utter imbeciles. But in this case, it is his fault. When, if ever, will he no longer suffer the isolation of being the only person with more than half a wit?

Residential Aliens, edited by Lyn Perry, is an online magazine of spiritually infused speculative fiction presenting engaging stories that are truthful to the human experience while offering something of the eternal. The October/November issue includes two speculative stories (including Silence of the Imbeciles), followed by two science fiction pieces, and wraps up with a post-zombie-apocalypse novelette.

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