Call for Anthology Submissions

My flash fiction story, “Letters to the Luminiferous Aether,” first published April 2012 by Bewildering Stories (and picked for the Bewildering Stories Second Quarterly Review), has now been selected for the print anthology, Broken, edited by Dorothy Davies at Static Movement. Once completed and published, the anthology will be available on Amazon.

Submissions are still open for the anthology.  The theme is one to stretch the imagination. “What is broken, what does it do to a life when that thing is broken? Is the life broken? What impact does it have on those who owned it/knew it/cared about it? Allow your ideas to run and see where we can go with this one!” The anthology has selected 16 stories so far and is now over 20,000 words. This is a “for the love” market. If you have a story you would like to contribute that fits the theme, please submit it. Click here for submission details.

Dorothy Davies is also accepting stories for the following anthologies:

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