SF Fans & Writers: Rates Increase in January for 71st Worldcon

Hugo AwardWorldcon (the World Science Fiction Convention) is where the Hugo Awards for outstanding science fiction and fantasy work are awarded. The 71st Annual Worldcon will be LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, Texas. Membership in LoneStarCon 3 constitutes membership in the World Science Fiction Society, and includes the right to nominate and vote for the winners of the 2013 Hugo Awards.

The membership types with Hugo Award voting rights (and price in US Dollars through December 31, 2012) are Attending ($180), Supporting ($60), Young Adult ($110), and Military ($110) memberships. There is a Family Membership plan. There is also an Installment Plan. Details, terms and more information are available at the LoneStarCon 3 Site Membership Page. According to the LoneStarCon 3 Facebook Page, these prices will increase January 1, 2013, to, for example, $200 for Attending Adults and $140 for Supporting Adults. So if you plan to vote on the Hugo Awards, now is a good time to join.

The official web site of the Hugo Awards is at www.thehugoawards.org. This site includes a full history of the Hugo Awards, nominees and winners, information on the voting process, and much more.

Your Opinion Matters

Regardless of whether you join, please also visit on this site the Hugo Suggestion Box, where you will find a short description of every category and will be asked to share your suggestion(s) of science fiction or fantasy works that warrant consideration. Your suggestions are particularly important as regards short stories and novelettes, since there are so many great stories out there, as well as fanzines, semiprozines, editors, etc.


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