December 31 Deadline for Two Wolfsinger Press Anthology Submissions

WolfSinger Publications is preparing two anthologies with December 31, 2012 deadlines: Tails from the Front Line and Different Dragons:

Different Dragons, edited by Dana Bell, seeks stories about dragons with a twist in almost any genre. Research your dragons and take a new approach. “Main characters can be the dragon his/herself, a human going through some misadventure, or even a companion animal. They can be set in modern day, or other planets, alternate dimensions, in the past, in the future, and even in a painting.” All writers of all skill levels, from teenagers to seniors, published or not, are encouraged to submit. Stories should be between 1,000 and 6,000 words. Contributors receive a $5.00 initial payment plus an equal share of 50% royalties. For more information and submission details see the submission page.

Tails from the Front Line, edited by Carol Hightshoe, is a charitable anthology looking for stories of the bond developed between members of the military and their four-footed friends, be them dogs, horses, cats or whatever. The word limit is 7,500 words. Stories can be in any genre as long as it features military life (combat zone preferred), how the animal and military person came into each others’ lives. 75% of the proceeds from the anthology will be donated to The Puppy Rescue Mission—a non-profit organization that helps military members get their animal friends home and out of harm’s way. Contributors receive a flat payment of $5.00. For submission details and other specific information, see the submission guidelines.

WolfSinger Publications is a micro-press company that is currently the parent of two on-line magazines and a print magazine—Mystic Signals. It also produces novels and anthologies. Its publications are available on (print and Kindle), Barnes & (print) and (ebooks). WolfSinger’s motto can be seen on the pages of its website: “Don’t Write What You Know; Write What You Care About – Passionately!”

The mission of The Puppy Rescue Mission, the charity beneficiary of Tails from the Front Line, is to assist in the rescue of pets of soldiers, especially those deployed in war zones. It assists with requests, logistics, administration and fundraising for adopted stray dogs of war rescued by and bonded with soldiers. This may include vet care, supplies, transport and related issues. The Puppy Rescue Mission also works with or through other organizations that help soldiers bring their companion animals home from war.

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