Short Story Accepted for The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals

My short story, “Love, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities,” has been accepted for the April 2013 issue of The Lorelei Signal as well as the May 2013 issue of Mystic Signals, both edited by Carol Hightshoe. The Lorelei Signal is an online fiction magazine and Mystic Signals is a print publication, both produced by Wolfsinger Publications.

“Love, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities” is a 3,191-word science-fiction tale with a little romance featuring a middle-management woman in a world-shattering predicament. The Lorelei Signal is dedicated to featuring strong female characters in Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories. In addition to The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals, Wolfsinger Publications also produces Sorcerous Signals as well as many books and anthologies.

This will be my second story published in The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals. The first was “Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies,” still available online and in the 16th issue of Mystic Signals, available at for $12.00.

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