“Seed of Doubt” Audio Now Available

Audio versions of stories in issue seven of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind are now available for streaming, including my short literary piece, “Seed of Doubt.” Issue seven was produced in text format in November 2012. After initial publication, Untied Shoelaces streams from its site audio versions of its stories, using various voice talents. Seed of Doubt is read by editor in chief, Geoffrey C. Porter, and I think you will like it. The running time is four minutes and twenty-two seconds. You can find the audio stream by going to the story; below the title are two handy options: “Printer Friendly” and “Audio.” The site also allows readers to rate and comment upon stories. “Seed of Doubt” is one of my first non-genre literary pieces and was fun to write.

A piece of trivia for those interested in western philosophy: The male protagonist in “Seed of Doubt” is Bobby Fisk. Although it does not appear in the final, published version of the story, Bobby’s middle name is “Rene.” Feel free to comment if you know why that may be.

Please take the time to enjoy “Seed of Doubt” and the other wonderful stories in issue seven of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. The Untied Shoelaces editorial team of Geoffrey C. Porter, Eva M. Wheelbarger (romance and humor), and Jeffrey E. Breault (sci-fi/fantasy), review stories with great care and do not produce an issue until they have enough stories of the type and quality they desire. The stories for issues four through six are also available in text and audio at Untied Shoelaces’ main content page, and the content of issues one through three are just a click away.

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