Call for Science Fiction Submissions

Science Fiction Writers: Hogglepot is now open again for submissions and is specifically seeking science fiction pieces. The free online magazine, edited by Brooke Johnson, usually responds with an acceptance or rejection in less than seven weeks. Short stories accepted now are presently queued for the May issue. It is a non-paying market with good exposure and a quality presentation. According to Hogglepot’s Facebook page:

“Most of our published stories are of the fantasy variety, so we want to shake it up a bit. until we have a nice balance of science fiction to fantasy, science fiction stories will take priority in the submission queue.”

Specifically sought are steampunk, space opera, dystopian sci-fi, and other sub-genres. Writers interested is submitting to Hogglepot should review the submission guidelines at and should peruse its issues. My short fantasy tale, “November Elf,” appeared in the November 2012 issue.

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2 Responses to Call for Science Fiction Submissions

  1. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. I’ll glad to have a chance to look atound.

  2. FictiveMists says:

    So glad I stopped by and caught this (late as I may be). I mostly write science fiction and I’m always looking for new places to submit my stories.

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