Short Story Anthology Call for Submissions

The Static Movement themed anthology “Broken,” is filling with stories (over 61,000 words now) and will close to submissions when it reaches 70,000. Static Movement anthologies are “for the love” markets. The editor for this anthology is Dorothy Davies. Following is a description of the theme:

This is one to stretch your imagination! What is broken, what does it do to a life when that thing is broken? is the life broken? what impact does it have on those who owned it/knew it/cared about it? allow your ideas to run and see where we can go with this one!

Static Movement accepts reprints as well as first-run stories. As of today, the anthology has accepted submissions from Olivia Arieti, John C. Conway, Ron Koppelberger, Troy Frings, David Frazier, David Griffin, Anna Harris, Christopher Hivner, A J Humpage, Ken Goldman, Ken L Jones, B T Joy, Neil Leckman, Thomas Malafarina, Bruce H. Markuson, Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Marija Elektra Rodriguez, Brianna Stoddard, Matthew Wilson and Michael Wynn.

If you have a story in almost any genre about something broken, the submission guidelines can be found at the Static Movement Message Board for this anthology.

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