Untied Fiction New Issue

Issue 8 of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind has just been posted. Be among the first to read, rank and review the stories. This issue has Romance, Horror and Humor stories. And while you’re there, feel free to see my story, Seed of Doubt, in Issue 7.

The stories for Issue 8 are:

The Black Crayon, by Alexis A. Hunter, Horror

I pause after sliding the door shut behind me. The interior of the trailer is heavy with hazy twilight. Strangled beams of the setting sun slip between the edges of fire-engine red curtains. I sigh and lean against the door, just breathing in the silence. My gaze travels lazily over the walls…

Bread, Hospitals & Army Surplus, by Carson Buckingham, Humor

Being the self-sufficient person that I am, when I ran out of bread this week, I thought I’d just whip up a loaf in my kitchen.
It is to laugh.
Apparently, in order to make a warm loaf of beautiful bready goodness, you must belong to some sort of secret society—whereabouts unknown…

Carrot Juice, by Kip Nealdersun, Humor

(Or How I Cooked An Alien And Nearly Started A War Of Worlds) 

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo….”
It was the weirdest of sounds I had ever heard. If it’s Brad, it was utterly uncalled for.
“Brad! Is that you?”
No answer.
The stove was on and…

Goblin Soup, by Geoffrey C Porter, Horror

 Heather brushed a few errant strands of straight, brown hair out of her eyes. “You know there’s a goblin living in the woods…”
I raised one eyebrow. “Which woods?”
“That little chunk of woods between Willow and Vine.” She pointed in the direction of the woods…

My Teacher is a Zombie — No, Really!, by Tina L. Jens, Humor

We’re all in danger, and I’ve told everyone I know, but no one will believe me! You probably won’t believe me either, but I’m gonna tell you anyway; and someday, when they…

Rescue Me, by MaryAlice Meli, Romance

Maribel cradled Rhonda’s head as the dog rested on the steel examining table. The Irish Setter was in kidney failure, normal for a dog nearly fifteen. The woman’s teary blue eyes looked into her companion’s…

That Blasted Horse, by Jennifer R. Povey, Horror

It all started with that blasted horse. A cowboy needs a horse that’s tough, one that won’t take any more shit than he will. Your average, regular horse, when a steer runs right at him, he’ll run.

You Don’t Want What I Get, by Michelle Ann King, Horror

The others don’t like me. Partly because I’m a girl and partly because I don’t like them either, but mostly because I’m treated differently.
When they go up to collect their cut I stay where I am, sitting on the table. Smoking. They don’t like that either, some of them. Bunch of tough guys,

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