Musical Tributes

What is the most parodied song on the internet and in other media? I haven’t performed a survey or read an analysis of this question. But based on my own observations, it seems it’s a close call between a relatively new craze—parodies of or tributes to Gangnam Style by Psy—and a classic—parodies of or tributes to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

I don’t know which is in the lead, but I’ve enjoyed many parodies of or tributes to each. People have been impressively creative and I appreciate their efforts. Here, I link just one of each, for your own enjoyment. I’m not saying these are best. But I’ve encountered each fairly recently. I’ve selected Farmer Style In part because of my own Midwestern roots and in part because of the message and values it portrays. I selected Bohemian Gravity because it so entertainingly captures key current issues in particle physics. Both are lighthearted, well done, and actually say something interesting.




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  1. Too funny. I don’t know how people find these, but I am glad they do.

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