New Link to Worlds Less Traveled

The September Update of Perihelion Science Fiction is now out with a new batch of spellbinding tales. The Table of Contents can be found HERE.

Accordingly, the July Update, including my story, “Worlds Less Traveled,” has a new link. The July Update Table of Contents can now be found HERE and “Worlds Less Traveled” is HERE.

About Submissions, Perihelion says this:

“WE ARE LOOKING for well-written, original science fiction, that is, “hard” science fiction. No fantasy. No horror. No fan fiction. No poetry. Stories do not necessarily have to restrict themselves to robots, rocket ships, and extraterrestrials. However, the science and/or technology must be integral to the story. If you remove the science, the story falls apart, or disappears altogether. If the plot can be easily reconstituted as a western, a swashbuckler, or a bodice-ripper, it is probably not for us, either. We aren’t fixated on political correctness. We don’t object to explicit language, violence, or sexual situations, as long as it is necessary to the plot. We like humor and satire. We really don’t care if you are a minority, transgendered, or purple; the story is the focus and not the author.”

The complete submission guidelines (including art submissions and non-fiction submissions) can be found HERE.

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2 Responses to New Link to Worlds Less Traveled

  1. I may know someone that can contribute. I’ll send them your way!

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