Rita Nominated Contemporaries

????????????????????????????????????My debut contemporary romance novel, Hearts in Ruin, will be released in one month by Liquid Silver Books. I am looking forward to its release, and I hope you enjoy reading it. In the meantime, the Rita Awards contest has provided a recent list of contemporary titles that warrant consideration. In fact, there are no fewer than 18 Rita finalists this year in the Contemporary category. That’s a lot of reading for anyone that cares to venture an opinion as to which will take the prize at the National Conference in San Antonio this July. But it’s a worthwhile effort. Every finalist scored 90% in preliminary round judging—no small achievement, considering some categories have no finalists this year. So for those interested in plunging into those Contemporary finalists, here are links for purchase online. These links are to the Kindle editions at Amazon. If you want a different format or to purchase from a different source, an online search for the title and author should readily provide additional options.

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