A Different Type of Diamond Ring.

Astronomy and Law

Usually when I am talking about a diamond ring, it is in reference to a solar eclipse.

Image Credit. Alson Wong

The spectacular effect happens twice during the event, and eclipse chasers look for it.  To take pictures like the one above, you need to be very experience.

Chance meeting creates celestial diamond ring

However, the ESO has found a new diamond ring in the sky. In a very rare occurrence, a star, named HD 83535, the Earth and Abell 33, a planetary nebula all aligned to form an image to rival the eclipse’s ring.  This is even more unusual in the fact that Abell 33 is still mostly round.  Most planetary nebula have irregular shapes due to gravitational interaction with the space around them.  So far, Abell 33 is relatively undisturbed.

Abell 33 is the remains of a star similar to our sun that blew off its mass and became a white dwarf star about…

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