Online Writing Class: The Art of Blurb Writing

Offered by the Yosemite Romance Writers, a three-week course for novel writers on the art of writing a blurb.

Instructor: Beth Fred

Dates: June 9-27, 2014

“This workshop will teach you to create a clear, concise summary by using the basic seven point plot system. The summary blurb can be used for a query’s synopsis paragraph or as a self-published writer’s blurb. The same system can be used before starting a project to make a strong outline that, with a little tweaking, will serve as the query or blurb later. Participants must have a strong book idea or a completed manuscript. There will be assignments each lesson, and you’ll finish the workshop with a completed blurb.”

About the Instructor

Beth Fred has a B.A. in English and is a MFA candidate at Western Connecticut State University.

Her short story “The Fate Of A Marlowe Girl'” released in the fall of ’12 and the companion “The Other Marlowe Girl” released April of 13.

Her queries have yielded a 50% full request rate.

The cost of the The Art of Blurb Writing is $15 for Yosemite Romance Writers members, and $20 for non-members. YRW courses are open to anyone, so RWA Membership isn’t required.

You may register online at the Yosemite Romance Writers’ website.

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