Kepler Data Reveals Two Potential Habitable Candidates.

Astronomy and Law

A team of scientists pouring over the data, from the crippled Kepler spacecraft, have found two more potential Earth-like planets about 1,200 light years from here.

What makes the two Kepler-62 planets interesting is that they are in the same system.

Kepler-62 has five total planets (that we have found) with 62e and 62f being in the “Goldilocks” zone.  The habitable zone is area in a planetary system where the surface temperature of a planet could allow for liquid water.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

Kepler-69 and the Solar System

Depending on the size, type and composition of the sun in any planetary system, the habitable zone can be farther out, or closer in.  So there are a lot of possible variations of the habitable zone.

At least that is how the theory goes.  If you are looking for life similar to what exists on Earth, you search for similarities.  That isn’t…

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  1. Imagine how the development and technological advancement of humans would have been different had the continents of Earth been separated by 10,000 mile oceans!

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