Murphy’s Traverse Available as a Single for Kindle

Murphy CoverMy short story, Murphy’s Traverse, published this past summer in The Colored Lens, is now also available as a stand-alone short story for Kindle download on Amazon for 99 cents.

The story begins:

“Murphy, wake up.”
The soft female voice seemed distant.
“Murphy …”
He tried to roll and found himself restrained.

The story is also enrolled in the KindleUnlimited program, making it available for free to enrolled members.

Centuries-long interstellar colony missions are serious business. It is Murphy’s job to make sure the ship arrives in one piece and he has at his disposal the resources of the entire vessel and its advanced caretaker programs to ensure he meets that goal. With nothing in their path and a vast store of redundant systems, what could go wrong?

The story is just 20 pages long on your Kindle device–a quick read, which is far more than can be said for Murphy, whose interstellar traverse turns out to be anything but “quick.”

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