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Unique organic molecule discovered in deep space

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Originally posted on Mayine Tree Consciousness:
AFP Photo / NASA A new kind of organic molecule has been discovered in a giant gas cloud in interstellar space, indicating that more complex molecules – the very core building blocks of life…

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Freezing people to preserve life – a possibility or a dream?

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Since my first published novel was an e-Book, more than once I’ve been stumped by the request for a signed copy. I ordered postcards with the book cover, blurb and QCR code to the buy page, which I’ve used as … Continue reading

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Gentle Push Available as a FREE Kindle Download This Weekend

Starting today, Friday 10/17, for the next few days, my short story GENTLE PUSH is available as a FREE #kindle download. So please, head over to Amazon and get it. Both Science-Fiction fans and non-Science-Fiction fans (and even some anti-Science-Fiction … Continue reading

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Looking at NaNoWriMo 2014 and Facing the Decision

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I, like many, have participated in NaNoWriMo for a number of years. It sounds like a big demand–write 50,000 words in a month. But really, it’s the fun part and not that tough. Some years I don’t hit 50k. But … Continue reading

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Nickel Stream now Released in PERIHELION SCIENCE FICTION

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The new issue of Perihelion Science Fiction is out today and available to read online for free, including my new short story, “Nickel Stream.” Perihelion is a long-running science-fiction periodical with an impressive tradition. It is now available exclusively online, … Continue reading

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Let’s Support Mental Health and Grow Understanding

This Saturday I will join thousands of Angelinos participating in NAMIWalks Los Angeles County 2014–the county’s largest event to support mental health and fight the stigma people affected by mental illness and their families face every day. The money we … Continue reading

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New Mystery in One of Titan’s Largest Hydrocarbon Seas

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Saturn’s large moon, Titan–the potential fuel depot of the future if we continue to rely upon hydrocarbon technology–has been under scrutiny for some time, and recently NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected an unexplained, changing feature in Ligeia Mare, one of … Continue reading

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