Mid-Summer Reading List

There are no days of leisure this summer for me to thumb through paper books or kindle books engaged in the act of actually reading with my eyes. So this summer has been, and will continue to be, an audio-book summer. My commute is long enough to finish, on average, about one book per week. And there are occasional drives to the desert or elsewhere, allowing me to leap ahead.

So here are some of the audio books on my list this summer. This is subject to change, recommendations, changes of heart, etc. A few of these have been knocked off already.

Way Station Audio Cover

Player Piano and Triplanetary are re-reads for the fun of it. There are two non-fictions, one about humanity and the other about writing (never stop reading about writing). One is the “must read” of the summer. How can one not read Harper Lee’s second published novel? There is time travel, romance, a solid Hugo winner, and two that have been on my personal “to read” list for too long, and it’s about time.

This list is certainly incomplete. There are Edgar, Hugo, RITA, and Nebula nominees out there deserving attention, and one or more of them may push one or more of these to the Fall reading list. Who knows? But these are the audio adventures and leaps I’ve taken, am taking, and plan to take over these summer months.

How about you?

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