Dutch national bird election, shortlist with videos

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a video of a kingfisher trying to eat a frog.

As this blog mentioned before, there is an election of the national bird of the Netherlands on the Internet.

In the first round of the election, people voted for 28 bird species candidates.

Now, there is a shortlist left of 10 species.

Apart from the kingfisher, this shortlist includes:

This is a black-tailed godwit video.

This is a grey heron video.

This is a barn swallow video.

This is a house sparrow video.

This is a northern lapwing video.

This is a great tit video.

This is a blackbird video.

This is a white stork video.

This is a robin video.

You can vote here.

Early November it will be known which bird has won.

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