A Facebook Party for Readers and Selected Authors

67294The writers for Liquid Silver Books are engaging in a Facebook party today (and yesterday) to promote a terrific sale of books through Kobo. The sale is a “buy two, get a third for free” deal. It’s been a terrific event so far with some great questions, discussions and exchanges. My time will arrive at 4:30 p.m. Pacific time (7:30 p.m. Eastern). Hearts in Ruin is one of the books involved in the promotion. I will be preceded by the wonderful Tami Lund, author of Into the Light, Dawning of Light, and many others, and followed by the terrific Marianne Rice, author of False Hope, False Start, and others.

Join me if you can. You should be able to CLICK HERE to link to the Event.

facebook_icon-120x120A Facebook party in this case, for those entirely unfamiliar with the concept, is a Facebook “Event.” An Event is like a Facebook page, but it has a calendared time frame and invitations can be sent. People post and respond to posts at an Event just like they do on a timeline or page. But the idea, unlike general Facebook posts that are reviewed by friends and relatives sometime over the next day or so (however often they check their Facebook timeline–I know some of you with accounts never check your timeline; others of you seem to have it fed to you intravenously; whereas most of you check a certain time of the day or week, as time permits), during an Event, Facebook users promise to be available for immediate interaction during the designated time. So posts go back and forth in real time a lot like texts. (If you don’t know about texting, well, first, pay more attention as the world changes around you. Second, it’s pretty much like passing written notes back and forth on a tiny little screen. People do it a lot. It’s creating a guaranteed future for carpal tunnel medicine.)

I look forward to it. We can talk about Hearts in Ruin, current projects, short stories, or why summer seems to still be having a tough time letting go in certain parts of the continent this year.

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