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From Keck: “Solved! 40 Year-old Mystery on the Size of Shadowy Galaxies”

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on sciencesprings:
. Keck, with Subaru and IRTF (NASA Infrared Telescope Facility). Vadim Kurland Keck Observatory January 5, 2016 Steve Jefferson Communication Officer W. M. Keck Observatory sjefferson@keck.hawaii.edu SCIENCE Jeff Cooke Swinburne University jcooke@astro.swin.edu.au John O’Meara St. Michael’s…


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Millions Weep a Fountain, Just in Case of Sunrise

Opinions may vary, and rightly so, given the breadth, volume and depth of David Bowie’s work and creativity, but I have always personally considered the song Aladdin Sane to be his masterpiece. I’m partial, perhaps, being a piano player, and … Continue reading

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