Alien – a $1 Kindle Anthology of Short Stories Featuring some Great Storytellers

This is an anthology featuring some of the writers that have contributed to other anthologies I’ve participated in. It’s a great group, and the price can’t be beat.

Sci-fi fan or not, aliens hold a fascination for humans. The mystery of UFOs, the thought they may walk among us without us knowing, the thought they may be watching us all the time… these things ensure that we, as a race, are absorbed with thoughts of ‘aliens’, however they might show themselves.

In giving Thirteen’s talented writers a theme like that, it was guaranteed that the stories which came in would cover every possible interpretation of the alien theme that you can imagine, and then some.

Walk some strange pathways, read some strange stories, discover some strange aliens…

The Alien anthology is available for Kindle users HERE. It can also be found at LULU in paperback or eBook, or Google Play. Some of the authors featured are:

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