Blue Gonk Café

With the release of More Tales from the Blue Gonk Café slated for early this year, it seems a good time to take a look at the original Tales from the Blue Gonk Café. So here is the deal:

The Blue Gonk Café decided to try something different. The owner invited a variety of top class storytellers to come along for storytelling sessions, starting at breakfast. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and the storytellers signed up for each of the five sessions. Not everyone made it to every session but enough did to make the day a stunning success.

This is the breakfast menu… the same authors are repeated throughout the day.

  • “The Web Cam From Hell” by James Arthur Anderson
  • “Love and Mourning” by Olivia Arieti
  • “Morning News” by Kerry E B Black
  • blue gonk“The Case” by Jason Brawn
  • “Finger Painting” by Thomas Brown
  • “Blue Eyes In The Well” by Gary Budgen
  • “Role Play” by Glen D Campbell
  • “When Wightlink Became Darklink” by Dorothy Davies
  • “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” by Rich Dodgin
  • “Invertebrate In The Making” by Joe Farley
  • “Try The Fries” by Ken Goldman
  • “Trained” by Samael Gyre
  • “Redeemed by Another Man’s Fears” by Ash Hartwell
  • “Webs of Love” by Kevin Henry
  • “Stuck In The Teeth” by Kevin Holton
  • “Kick-ass Angels” by R A Johns
  • “Trash Day” by Kevin L Jones
  • “Clowning Around” by W B Kek
  • “The Look She Gave Us” by John Kujawski
  • “Forget-Me-Nots In A Dumpster” by Micke Lindquist
  • “Open For Business” by Cathy MacKenzie
  • “Cutaneous Horns” by Thomas M Malafarina
  • “Robotics Genius” by Bruce H Markuson
  • “A Fine Collection” by Jeremy Mays
  • “Alone With the Moon” by Rick McQuiston
  • “Cellar Dweller” by Stephanie Morrell
  • “To Go Home” by Logan Noble
  • x-default“Downer Ends” by Matthew Pedersen
  • “Subject To Change” by David Perlmutter
  • “Echoes Fade But Shadows Linger” by James Pratt
  • “Nana” by Evan Purcell
  • “Just Stop” by M Leon Smith
  • “Secrecy’s Orphans” by Gene Stewart
  • “House of Meat” by Timothy S Todd
  • “Ptolemy’s Hunger” by Mark Tompkins
  • “One Thin Bathroom Wall” by Art Wester
  • “The Old Man” by Matthew Wilson
  • “Reading Lives” by E S Wynn
  • “First Sense” by Adam Baxter

The event was wildly popular with the patrons of the Café, and so the Blue Gonk Café is doing it again. This time I will participate, and I’ll let you know when the new menu is ready.

If you do not yet have your copy of the original Tales from the Blue Gonk Café, edited by Dorothy Davies, CLICK HERE.


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