New Anthology from Thirteen — Wildwood

Wildwood: An Anthology of Dark Stories is one of the latest anthologies from editor Dorothy Davies at Thirteen O’Clock Press and a host of amazing short story writers.

Wildwood CoverWalk among the trees at your peril…

Forests, woods, dark mysterious places which harbour and hide all manner of strange beings, from criminals to mythical monsters. The biggest problem is, we are now urban people and woodland, especially wildwoods, are alien to us. . . 

Fight your way through the tangle of undergrowth, menacing trees, nasty surprises hiding in unexpected places as Thirteen authors bring you the best of Wildwood horror tales.

Available at:


This anthology includes chilling tales by the following authors:

  • Wildwood by Neil Leckman
  • Hunting The Hunters by E S Wynn
  • A House By The Woods by Gene Stewart
  • Of Grave Concern by Ken Goldman
  • The Woods by Matthew Wilson
  • Weeping Willow by Thomas Brown
  • An Evil Nature by John Kujawski
  • Earning Her Name by A. Aidan Zingler
  • The Evil Old Woman by Matthew Wilson
  • Wildwood Haiku by Brian Barnett
  • Stay With Me by Dorothy Davies
  • The Testimony of Richard Tanner by Matthew Wilson
  • The Root Trader by Ron Koppelberger
  • Wildwood BackThe Fruit That Told The Truth by Micke Lindquist
  • Revenge by Mathias Jansson
  • Tower Wood by Guy Burtenshaw
  • Happiness Be With You by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
  • Ravaged In Distant Wood by Ron Koppelberger
  • Deer Gap by Thomas Malafarina
  • Return of Colour by Michael B Fletcher
  • The Dare by Matthew Wilson
  • The Trembling Earth by Amberle Husbands
  • Coyote Hunting by Christopher Beck
  • The Curse of the Devil Tree by Kevin Holton
  • Inheritance by Kerry E B Black
  • In Devil’s Club by L L Hill
  • White Death by DJ Tyrer
  • Demons by Matthew Wilson
  • The Road Less Travelled by Neil Leckman

Presently available as a perfect-bound paperback, it’s a great lineup, and I look forward to reading it.

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