Psychic Warrior Blues Coming Soon

Liquid ImaginationLiquid Imagination, the outstanding quarterly ezine where reality and fantasy blur, will include my flash story, “Psychic Warrior Blues,” in Issue 28, coming out at the end of this month. “Psychic Warrior Blues” is a quick tale of dueling realities that I think you will enjoy. Also scheduled to appear in the flash section this issue are stories by Lindsay Pethick (“Heaven and Hell”) and Duborah Guzzi (“The Strait of Nemuro”), both of which I am very much looking forward to reading.

Liquid Imagination publishes a wide variety of genres and strives successfully to provide something “more than an ezine.”

Our mission is to publish a wide variety of art, creating visually stimulating publications of the highest quality that combine many artistic avenues, including graphic and digital art as well as traditional illustrations, photographs and paintings; speculative and literary fiction, micro-fiction, and poetry; music and audio works; digital poetry and digital flash fiction; and other artistic forms.

Liquid Imagination Mission Statement

Liquid Imagination’s quarterly issues include fiction, flash fiction and poetry, among other things, and the artwork integrated with its stories is stunning. Liquid Imagination’s flash section provides “very short fiction of all genres that engages the reader with a frugality of words. The objective is to achieve exceptional writing that is acutely focused, concise and conveys a strong sense of story.”

The new issue will be published within two weeks. In the meantime, Issue 27 is available now, and can be read for free. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Psychic Warrior Blues Coming Soon

  1. Kally says:

    Thank you for following me and I love how creative you are and the wonderful posts. I’ll be back to read more of it!!

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