New Anthology: RAIN

Rain is the latest themed anthology by Thirteen O’Clock Press that includes two of my newest short stories: “Leaves of the Fall,” and “Right as Rain.”

Rain… can be benevolent and life giving, can be torrential and damaging, even lethal. Thirteen authors came up with a wide variety of stories featuring rain, put up the umbrella and get reading. Oh and be careful of the next downpour you walk in…

Edited by Dorothy Davies, Rain is available now at Lulu in print edition, and should appear soon also at other major online markets.

“Leaves of the Fall” begins and ends with a rain of sorts. It’s the tale of a young man in search of answers. He finds them. But what he finds is not what he might have expected.

In “Right as Rain,” the Cozen family has a gift. But Liz and her Aunt Jennie disagree about its nature. Will the drought finally end their small town in Podunk U.S.A.? Tommie Cozen says “no,” and convinces the town to prepare for a flood. Liz is dubious, despite Tommie’s knack for somehow always being right. Will Tommie Cozen’s gift bilk the town of its meager remaining cash, or will it save it from demise?

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