J. C. Conway Newsletter Mailing List

If you would like to be notified by email of new releases and/or promotional giveaways or discounts, please sign up to the “J. C. Conway News and Updates” mailing list. I do not barrage my list members with a flood of emails. In fact, list mailings occur far less frequently than posts on my blog (which you can also follow). The most recent newsletter announced the weekend giveaway of my Another Wrong World anthology. I’m working now on an update that will include an excerpt from Towers of Earth.

I do not share my mailing list with anyone. For the time being, I use Mailchimp for these email announcements. There are other services that I might try in the future, but to date, I’ve found Mailchimp’s free services to be quite satisfactory.

It is a nice way for you to receive succinct notices related to my writing and occasional special offers. So consider signing up. It is always nice to know who wants to hear when I have a new release to share.

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