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Persons of Interest — John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck (2/27/1902–12/20/1968) is a well-known American author and needs no introduction. Most folks in the United States have read at least one of his stories in high school (for instance his novellas, The Pearl and Of Mice and Men … Continue reading

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Extinction Level Events — Celestial Impact

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On the topic if extinction level events, the one that comes most often to mind is the risk of an asteroid or comet hitting Earth. There is plenty of evidence that collisions occur. The Moon’s surface is full of impact … Continue reading

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People talk. So do characters. I love well-crafted dialogue. I also enjoy writing dialogue. Sometimes, my first draft of a scene will be a string of spoken sentences back and forth. What people say, and how they say it, means … Continue reading

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Persons of Interest–Ray Kurzweil

“By understanding the information processes underlying life, we are starting to learn to reprogram our biology to achieve the virtual elimination of disease, dramatic expansion of human potential, and radical life extension.” – Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity Is Near With … Continue reading

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Large Space Vessels — Toroids

A toroid is a figure shaped like a torus. Common examples abound, such as rings, hoops and doughnuts. It’s an attractive shape for large space vessels, and it appears in numerous science-fiction settings as well as on the drawing boards … Continue reading

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2017 Audie Award Nominees in Science Fiction

The Audie Nominations have been announced. I, for one, am a steady audiobook consumer, and I’m always interested in learning what people think are the best in any category. The Audies®, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (APA), is the “premier … Continue reading

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Large Space Vessels — Cylinders

Taking a closer look at large cylindrical vessels, several types and examples appear in space agency research projects as well as books, movies, TV and video games. (For the introductory overview of this topic, see Large Space Vessels.) The 1970s … Continue reading

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