“Murphy’s Traverse” to be Published in The Colored Lens

My new short science fiction story, “Murphy’s Traverse,” has been accepted for publication  in the speculative fiction magazine, The Colored Lens, this month. The Colored Lens is edited by Dawn Lloyd and Daniel Scott and published by Light Spring LLC.

“Murphy’s Traverse” is the tale of a colony starship engineer named Murphy, and the events between here and his final, unexpected destination that prove the law that bears his name.

The Colored Lens describes the goal of speculative fiction as examining the real world “through the lens of the imaginary. By considering what could be, we gain a better understanding of what is.”

The Colored Lens strives to do exactly that. By publishing four to five short stories and serialized novellas a quarter in genres ranging from fantasy, to science fiction, to slipstream or magical realism, it hopes to help its readers see the world just a bit differently than before they came to its website or downloaded its magazine.

It also publishes non-fiction articles meant to broaden our perspectives and perceptions of the world around us and author interviews of writers whose books its editors and staff have particularly enjoyed and would like to bring to their readers’ attention.

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2 Responses to “Murphy’s Traverse” to be Published in The Colored Lens

  1. Congratulations on the acceptance!

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