New Indie PKD Film: Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philip K. Dick is an enigmatic figure in science fiction. Far from the mainstream, always questioning reality, the movie versions of his work have now become a Hollywood mainstay, including Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall, to name just a few.

Fans of Dick’s books sometimes bemoan the liberties screenplays have taken with the original stories. But one independent film now promises to deliver a tale loyal to the original work and something that all Philip K. Dick fans can appreciate–Radio Free Albemuth.

Radio Free Albemuth is Dick’s last novel, and was published posthumously. Amazon describes the novel this way:

In Radio Free Albemuth, his last novel, Philip K. Dick morphed and recombined themes that had informed his fiction from A Scanner Darkly to VALIS and produced a wild, impassioned work that reads like a visionary alternate history of the United States. Agonizingly suspenseful, darkly hilarious, and filled with enough conspiracy theories to thrill the most hardened paranoid, Radio Free Albemuth is proof of Dick’s stature as our century’s greatest science fiction writer.

The new independent film, RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, is now scheduled for theatrical release June 27, 2014, and will be shown as a special feature at conventions and gatherings for the remainder of the year. The filmmakers, helmed by Writer/Director John Alan Simon, were committed to making a film that honored Dick’s independent spirit and great intellect. Being a huge fan, John Alan Simon promises to have made a movie that would appeal to Dick fans.

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6 Responses to New Indie PKD Film: Radio Free Albemuth

  1. While I’ve enjoyed some of the film adaptations, I’ve never been tempted to read PKD. Perhaps this film will make a difference!

  2. Joachim Boaz says:

    I think the best adaptation in the preservation of his “vision” (yes, there are some plot differences) is A Scanner Darkly. Have you seen it?

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