A Science Fiction About Quantum Uncertainty; A Romance About Longing and Doubt

Join Amy Budge as her life, the world, and the universe unravel and reform around her, again and again. Is there an end in sight? Yes, according to the idiots that got her into this mess. Is it an end she will want when it is achieved? She thought so, until she met Pat Billings, repeatedly, in a dizzying array of roles and heart-thumping styles.

LoveDeathCover Smashwords“Life, Death, and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities,” (originally published without the Oxford comma), is available now for download in all e-Book formats. It can be downloaded from Amazon in Kindle format HERE, and downloaded in any other format at Smashwords HERE, or any other of the channels available to it in short order. “Life, Death, and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities” is also available for free “Authorgraph” signings HERE.

This is one for science fiction fans and romance fans alike, even those that are not ordinarily interested in the other. And more importantly, general readers with neither leaning are enjoying this short tale. So download it for just 99 cents and give it a read.

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