Promotion: Download “Murphy’s Traverse” to Kindle for Free until September 22

Murphy Cover“Murphy’s Traverse” answers the question: “What can go wrong?” But not everything goes wrong. Between now and September 22, “Murphy’s Traverse” can be downloaded from Amazon in Kindle format for free. So go ahead. Download it. Read it. Don’t read it. Feed it to your pet. But ideally, you’ll read it and enjoy it, despite Murphy’s dire lack of enjoyment.

This is my first effort to try a promotional freebie. Let me know what you think.

This story is the latest of my published short stories. It’s not particularly up beat, but there is humor in the darkness. Murphy isn’t really any different from any of the rest of us, after all. And given the choices and circumstances he faces, who among us would find different results? Probably not me.

I hope you like it. If you do, please leave a review. If you despise it and want to spare others, well, I guess you could leave a review in that case, too. Either way, we have something new between us that hopefully adds to our view of reality with less consequence than that faced by Murphy.

(For those of you that stumble across this announcement sometime after September 22, 2014–don’t panic or regret. It’s only 99 cents.)

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