After Further Review…Philae Has Scored A Touchdown.

Astronomy and Law

After waiting for 10 years for this moment, Philae landed on the comet with the unpronouncable name (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko).

I must say that this was almost as good a landing as Curiosity on Mars (Curiosity wins on degree of difficulty and doing more gymnastics to reach the surface).


Philae had a few points deducted from the landing for bouncing twice.  Although the approach was good, apparently the harpoon designed to grab hold of the surface and the thruster used to push the probe firmly onto the surface did not function according to plan.

However, after a full two hours of time between the “first” landing and the second landing, Philae has managed to stay in one place, even sinking into the surface a little (about 4cm/1.5 inches).

Photo credit: Matt Wang, Flickr: anosmicovni. European Space Agency, showing unpronounceable comet size compare to Los Angeles

Considering how fast the Rosetta spacecraft is…

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