The Best and Worst Book

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November 9 2015

Moon is a Harsh Mistress is my favorite all time book. For starters Heinlein is a wonderful science fiction story teller. I love the idea of living on the moon. Then there is Mycroft the computer. This was one of the first books I read some 40 odd years ago, this whole time I have wanted a computer friend like Mycroft. I want a computer that I can talk to and talks back. Technology is almost to that point. They have built a robot that’s kind of like Mycroft.

The other thing I found intriguing was their marital life style. I liked the idea of multiple wives and husbands. The children seem much happier because there is always an adult to meet their needs. The responsibility of upkeep and money making is spread out. Much like living in the commune when I was little. There is a…

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