Towers of Earth Print Edition Now Available

The print edition of Towers of Earth is now available on Amazon. It is 294 pages, and the list price is presently $17.99. Towers of Earth is also available as an e-book at Amazon, Kobo and Apple. It is anticipated soon also at Barnes & Noble.

Towers of Earth is set in a fairly distant future. The central character is Allison Taylor, a 15-year-old girl who fled Earth at age 9 in a colony starship that is forced to return to Earth after a major shipboard disaster. Earth’s population resides primarily in the great geostationary towers that ring the planet, stretching from the ground into orbital space.

Allison wants nothing more than to resume her mission with the other surviving colonists in a repaired ship. There are forces working against her, but she finds allies as well as the challenges she faces grow to insurmountable proportion. The story is well received by readers of all ages, from middle-grade to adult. Published by Double Dragon Publishing. Edited by Felicia Sullivan.

As a special offer, I am offering two kindle short stories for free this weekend on Amazon. One is Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies, a scary but heartwarming story about a girl in search of fairies in the woods who finds more than what she expected. The other is Murphy’s Traverse, the dark-humor tale of a sleeper ship, Murphy’s effort to get the ship to its destination, and the consequences of Murphy’s decisions in doing so.  Both stories are free on Amazon from Saturday morning to Sunday night, March 11 and 12, 2017. These stories have not yet been reviewed on Amazon, so if you enjoy them, please feel free to share your thoughts.

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