Weekend Short Story Giveaway

Two of my short stories will be available free for Kindle this weekend, March 11-12, 2017, to mark the release of my new novel, Towers of Earth.

One story is Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies, a fantasy tale about Carolyn, a young girl on a hunt for fairies. She wants to learn about their magic. What she finds out is far different than what she expected. The story was first published in The Lorelei Signal. I hope you enjoy it.

 The other story is Murphy’s Traverse, a science-fiction involving a space colony mission. The colonists are in hibernation. Murphy is awakened from time to time by the ship to deal with problems that arise. In the face of a serious problem, Murphy permits the ship to make exceptions to its protocol in order to save the mission. It works. But at what cost? The story has been described as “darkly humorous.” It was first published in The Colored Lens. 

These stories will be free for two days, from Saturday morning to the end of the day on Sunday. If you enjoy the stories, please leave a review. If you have time for a longer tale, please consider Towers of Earth, which is available in e-book and print formats.

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